High End Glass

What really separates Hyzer’s from the other smoke shops in Grand Rapids is the vast selection of quality glass art. Where other shops fill their shelves with cheap Indian and Chinese glass with insane mark ups, we offer quality American and Michigan made glass pipes, bowls, oil rigs, bongs and water pipes for the guaranteed best prices. We can offer the absolute best prices from extremely low overhead and the amount of glass we consistently move to our loyal customers.

Some of the artist we sell or have sold include Salt, Eross 4.0, Aric Bovie, Natey Biskind, Calvin Mickle (CALM), Jason Lee (Leebo), Creep, Alex Vicknair, Crux, Dan Neff, Bearclaw, Big Z, Takao Miyake, Northern Waters, Alex Inwood, Bug, Doug Zolbert, GERM, Jerry Kelly, PiRatt, Jes Durfee, Firekist, Snodgrass Family, Luke the Drifter, Rambler 42, Global Glassworks, Jeff Bisel and more.

No other smoke shop in Grand Rapids comes anywhere close to carrying the amount of high end glass artists, let alone for such reasonable prices!